Music Videos

Here, you'll find some of the music videos I like along with a little rundown of my thoughts on the song, band, and most importantly, the video. You can read or just watch. I don't care, your choice! Check 'em out!

A NEW DAY (1984)
Killing Joke

I know Killing Joke is all about that political and social commentary, which is pretty obvious in this music video and song, but come on... Jaz Coleman wearing eyeliner. 'Nuff said.

You know those guys that made that "Oh Yeah" song? As it turns out, that song isn't just sexy music, and neither is the band's discography. They're fucking Swiss electronic pioneers! I'll introduce you to the band with this song and, of course, their very first music video, both of which are extremely quirky and experimental. Yello's vocalist, Dieter Meier, actually directed most of their videos, too. Cool, huh?

Being dapper never looked this fun.

Machine Head

What's better than your favorite band thrashing their brains out? NOTHING. Which is why I like this video so much.
Also, the fashion in this music video was peak 90s nu-metal/thrash, don't you think?

Green. Yellow. Purple. Blue. Mostly cool colors with a hint of warm; now that's a palette I can stick with! And in turn: watch a whole video with that color scheme. I do admit that a lot of times, the colors in a music video is a big deal for me, so that's why this particular video by post-hardcore outfit, Quicksand, delivers pure greatness!

If you've ever watched The Crow or know about it, you'd know that this song was in its soundtrack. The movie's also where all of the clips in this music video come from. It's a match made in heaven! I love all the filters and effects that they added throughout the whole video. Really gives it an angsty, grunge-y feel to it.

This music video totally captured everything that My Name Is Mud IS! I appreciate that. With Les Claypool dressed up as a blue collar redneck munchin' on some dip, what more could you ask for in terms of the song's imagery? It's cool and gritty all mashed up into one.

This video is THE DEFINITION of pop!

I think we can all agree that this video is super cool and that Grace Jones was way ahead of her time.