Habbo Hotel Fun!

Before I start, let me get one thing straight; even though this game has been deemed by the internet to only be played by teenagers with no lives (which isn't completely wrong), it's actually pretty fun!
Anyway, this page won't really be much. Just me showing off and archiving the fun adventures I've had with friends while playing Habbo (usually retros). Take a look!

click on each picture for their full version!

The usual conversation with your sibling.
Paul Blart and Guy Fieri turned musical performers!
"You are what you eat."
This is what happens when you chew 5 Gum.
Ridin' dirty.
Mr. Freeze aids a patient with Exploding Head syndrome.
Sitting in a hot tub, drinkin' Diet Pepsi
Excuses, excuses...
All flab, no ab.
Blood on the dancefloor... (we were in a club!)
Sasuke Uchiha turning it up on Habbo hotel.
"u can ride my sausage all the way to flavortown."
The duality of man.
The Habbo community in a nutshell.
Just another perk from using a retro!
Who says glitches ruin a game's experience?