my bookmark landfill

I bookmark lots of pages and website, OK? I admit, I manage to save some pretty neat sites from time to time so, here I am today, sharing them with you! Check 'em out!

All links open up to a new tab!

  • Every Noise At Once - A music genre map full of any genre you can think of. It's a very useful site for whenever you run out of new music to listen to.
  • Ishkur's Guide To Electronic Music - One of my all-time favorite websites. I actually visit this site at least once a month, despite the fact that it doesn't update or anything. There's always something in this interactive music explorer that I've never seen before.
  • The Rap Board - Listen to your favorite rappers' most famous catchphrases over and over again with this fun online soundboard.

(somewhat) useful/for reference
  • The UNcyclopedia - This site is like the anti-Wikipedia. Search up anything on this wiki and prepare to get it chewed up, swallowed, and regurgitated back to you. Have fun!
  • Tumblr URL checker - Check the availability of any or multiple URLs you desire and see if they've been taken or not.
  • Birthday Freebies! - Not really a site, but an article that lists all the places that serve free food and whatnot for your special day.
  • - Search up your favorite celebrity or anyone famous in general and see why they are or why they're not annoying! Look for your celeb's "Featured in the following Annoying Collections" section. Funny stuff.
  • The Cook's Thesaurus - This site is a great resource for anyone who needs some tips and tricks when it comes to cooking and baking. It's the chef's encyclopedia!
  • Emojipedia - See every and all types of emojis. From Apple to Google to unicode, it's all here!
  • Fantasy Name Generator - This one's for all you authors and writers out there (or just anyone who wants to make up a story and needs some fake character names).
  • THE ULTIMATE COOKING RESOURCE GUIDE - This link was sent in to me by somebody via e-mail! I was really surprised with how great this site was! It's exactly what its title suggests, it's the ultimate resource for all your cooking needs! You can find cooking hacks, resources for beginners, and even podcasts.

sites just for fun
  • WINDOWS93 - A weird, bizarro-world homage to Windows 98.... I honestly don't know what's up with this website. It's interactive, so I guess there's that.
  • Cameron's World - Everyone knows this one! A fun website to just look at and explore!
  • Mr. Wong | The Pixel Grower - I really don't remember how I found this website, but check it out anyway! It's really neat and this guy's pixel work and website design is purely amazing.
  • INTERNET BARF - A reddit thread... I'm sure something's actually going on here, but good luck trying to decipher it under all that random CSS.
  • The Crash Site - You ever just want to crash your browser for no reason? Here's one way to do it.

sites with no real purpose whatsoever