My Animal Crossing Nook

Disclaimer: I actually don't own a copy of AC:NL myself. I just borrow my brother's game, so he's the mayor of my town. I'm an extra save on his game playing as a resident.

Welcome to my AC:NL stats page! If you're an avid Animal Crossing lover/player like me, I'm sure you'll enjoy this page as much as I did making it!

I will mention that I do also play Happy Home Designer, so if you're interested in talking to me about that game, I'll be more than happy to!

My Town
Name: DeathRow
Created on: November 4th, 2016
Native Fruit: Pears  
Ordinance: Beautiful Town
Dream Address: n/a

My town is currently growing Jacob's Ladders!

My Current Neighbors [06/21/2017]





- Moved in through Amiibo card - Moved in through Amiibo card - Starter villager - Starter villager - Moved in through Amiibo card




- Natural villager, moved in - Starter villager - Moved in through Amiibo card - Natural villager, moved in through campground

Past villagers
Buck, Filbert, Bree, Blaire, and Lionel.

Me and the bud

I'm in the big puffy hat, watching my friend suffer in the pit he just fell in. I swear I didn't do it.